A Message From The Legler Family

We would like to use this forum to begin to thank all the many wonderful people who have helped us during this difficult time, hoping you’ll understand if we’ve forgotten a few names.  Our heart-felt gratitude to Ruth Putnum for being there when Glen needed someone the most; we realize Tuesday, March 8th, was not the first time you’ve been there for him!  Thanks to Jim Zieroen for your quick response when it was recognized that he did not have a pulse.  Thanks to the first-responders from the fire department and ambulance for your excellent clinical expertise and care, we aren’t sure who you are but we intend to find out and thank-you individually.

Our sincere appreciation to the healthcare professionals at Wyoming Medical Center including Dr. Beyer, Chuck, Angela, Kay, Janey and all the many others who were working in the emergency department the Tuesday afternoon and evening of March 8th.  Big thanks and hugs to Jennifer, Mike, Stacey, Bill, Jenea, Duane, Janey (again), Dr. Taylor, Dr. Turner, Dr. Eisenhower, Dr. Neff, Dr. V., Dr. Dowell and all the others working intensive care as well as all the folks from radiology, lab, pharmacy, and other departments that are necessary to provide critical care.  Also, thanks to Julie, Kristi, Nick, Sandy, Randi, Kathy, Kim, Kelly, Sue, and the other many friends from WMC that stopped by to offer encouragement, a hug, or a kind word.  You’ll never know how much that meant during such a stressful time.  Patti and Stacy both work at Wyoming Medical Center and it was impressive to experience the loving-kindness shown to us from the “other side”.  God bless who you are and what you do!

Thanks to all who kept vigil in the emergency room that Tuesday evening as well as all who stopped by to visit Glen and his family while he was in the ICU.  Special thanks to the barbershop quartet that came to sing; you’ll never know how much that meant to us!  Our deepest appreciation to everyone who provided us with food, sent flowers or stopped by these last few days, you’ve nourished our bodies and souls.  Special thanks to Tim and Karen Ray, Brad Diller, Steve Harshman, Ruth (again), Loretta Nelson and the staff at Highland Park Church, Tim Stacy and the staff at Newcomer Funeral Home, the Oil City Slickers, the Parkway Plaza, Ramada Inn, Ramkota Inn, Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Perkins and Johnny J’s and Pastor Jack Olsen for all of your help before and with Glen’s service.

This is just the short-list of the many friends and family who have been there for us these past ten days.  Our deepest gratitude to everyone who has sent kind thoughts and prayers our way – they’ve brought us immeasurable comfort.  We have honored Glen’s wishes to be cremated and will spread his ashes to the wind in a place he loved at a later date.

There are tentative plans to hold a celebration of Glen’s life on Sunday, May 22nd at the NC Stadium.  This will be an informal tailgate-like affair with a barbeque and an open mic to share stories about Glen.  We hope you can attend and look forward to seeing you there!  Big Glen Legler hug to everyone!


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  1. Pat and Jessica says:

    Patti – we are here in Casper if there is anything we can do to help with the fundraiser for the scholarship fund – or anything else – please just let us know. We’d love to help in any way we can.

    265-2021 (home phone)

  2. Joe Brosious says:

    What a wonderfull tribute to my old class mate from Cody Hish School. I wish I could have attended his memorial service and reception in Casper. Glen was special when we were together 1965 – 68 and wow was he ever special now with his carrier and family. All of his work in Casper through the school is truely a gift to the people of Natrona County. I can speek for all of his graduating class of 1968 and only say we lost a wonderfull Man and human being. I only saw him twice since graduation but by reading his blog, I know how all of you are so proud of him for his accomplishments in his short life. I hope to continue that conversation I had with him when my time comes. God speed Joe Brosious

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